Be responsible and get your moggies neutered or spayed

Many litters of kittens are unwanted
Many litters of kittens are unwanted
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It’s hard to believe it’s the middle of February already. How did that happen?

I feel like I’m still recovering from the panto season.

It’s the easiest thing to control the number of unwanted cats and prevent them from becoming the abandoned cats of tomorrow

It really doesn’t seem a moment ago that Christmas was happening, then we were celebrating the new year.

January flew by and soon we’ll be into March.

In just a few weeks’ time spring will be springing, bulbs will be shooting up (the mild weather means they already are in many places) and new buds will be appearing on the trees.

It’s also a time when lots of baby animals will be coming into the world, which can be a nightmare for our rescue centres as they get inundated with litters of kittens.

These tiny, cute bundles of fluff seem irresistible, but somebody doesn’t want them.

For the shelters, where resources are already hard to come by (money, food and space), being bombarded with cats and kittens in large numbers can push them to the limit.

Over the years I’ve taken in several heavily pregnant felines. The most stressful thing was when it was time to rehome them.

Finding good homes can be very difficult and, of course, by the time they’ve been with you for at least eight weeks, you’ve formed an attachment.

The Cats Protection League, which has been going since 1927, helped more than 205,000 moggies through its national network of centres last year and would be less stretched if people would only get their cats neutered or spayed.

It’s the easiest thing to control the number of unwanted cats and prevent them from becoming the abandoned cats of tomorrow.

It also makes your pet happier and more content because it’s not going to be driven by its hormones and trying to sneak out at night searching for a mate.

My cat Aurora drove me crazy at just a few months old with constant miaowing and wanting to go out.

I soon booked her in for the op. People think cats look after themselves, but they need protection like any other animal.

So be responsible and please spread the word.


A stroll along Southsea seafront is always enjoyable, especially at this time of year.

It’s much more preferable to the summer months, when the front is crowded with every man and his dog, not to mention all the kiddywinks with their buckets and spades.

I was curious to see if there had been any improvement to South Parade Pier since my last vist.

But as I passed the Pyramids, I noticed an elderly man kicking something.

I looked closer, realised it was a poorly seagull and asked him why he was doing it. He replied it was vermin.

Yes, they are grubby, greedy birds and annoying at times. But they are just trying to survive like anything else and certainly don’t deserve to be kicked to death.


It’s funny how doing the simplest of things can change a person’s life.

A cat lover from the UK who set up a Facebook page entitled The Magnificent Seven for her pets has accumulated 1.2 million fans from around the globe.

The savvy owner spends up to five hours a day uploading photos and answering questions.

This has reaped rewards as two of her felines have now been awarded modelling contracts.

Maybe I should bombard social media with pictures of my two moggies.

Tao the Bengal would look great strutting across a ‘catwalk’ and Aurora’s pretty mug plastered on tins of cat food would surely increase sales.

Sounds like the purrfect way to add funds to my kitty...