Be who you want to be

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In the growing world of consumerism, a world where everyday competition is common and the general population continues to expand, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for individuals to stand out.

It isn’t impossible – we just need to work harder than what many may have done generations ago.

With the rise in digital technology, which makes it so much easier for countries to connect around the globe, surely it should be easier to get recognised?

Celebrities are figureheads for so many. They appear all over the media, presenting a whole range of slogans which aim to uplift us. So what makes them different to the rest of us?

It could be argued that it’s not that difficult to do what they’re doing, but I guess we’ll never know unless someone we know achieves fame.

This rise to celebrity status is presented to us as achievable, but in fact it isn’t. Our culture is just based on aspiring to be famous. That’s a theory of mine.

I have a tendency to be proved wrong through reality television shows such as The X Factor, The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent. On these shows, lives do get radically changed – but not necessarily after winning. Individuals go to great lengths to change themselves to appeal to a fanbase.

Too many young people aspire to have a life which is unrealistic.

This lifestyle is promoted by the secular society that surrounds us, dominating our minds with disposable ideologies.

We are continuously being fed products and information that have the power to manipulate who we are and what we do, only to be replaced when the latest new trend or fad comes around.

Let’s take fashion for example.

Millions of people around the world change the way they behave depending on the clothes they wear.

It sounds ridiculous I know, but it is true.

The question that emerges from this blur of false identities is who actually are we?

Take a minute to think about who you are as an individual and question yourself about what your goal in life is.

Issues with our own identities is something we have all come across. It can be worrying when you are left pondering who you are.

Young people don’t deserve to be bogged down by the pressure of society; each individual is unique and there’s nothing wrong in letting that show, wherever you may be. Be encouraged by what you learn through life, and be who you want to be.