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What is the one thing that David Beckham and myself have in common?

If you’re looking at my photo at the top of this page you’re probably thinking, ‘a man in his prime, strikingly handsome, other men want to be him and women want to be with him’.

But I’ll stop you right there as this is not what I’m talking about, although of course you would be

absolutely right in your assumption.

Maybe you’re wondering if I have world-class football skills and can bend it just as good as Beckham?

Well, I did play for Inter Milan. No not the professional Italian football club based in Milan who have spent their entire history in the top flight of Italian football and have won 30 domestic trophies.

I was defender for the under-11s Portsmouth football team Inter Milandport. Clever name eh?

We were never top flight, but I did win a trophy at the end of the sea-

son, engraved with ‘Most Improved Player’.

I think this meant I was completely rubbish at the start of the season and a bit better but still rubbish by the end.

So no, we most definitely do not have our football playing skills in common.

Last week the former England captain and dad revealed that there is a big difference between his three sons and his only daughter.

He says that as the boys get older, he will allow them to be independent, but joked that daughter Harper will be like Rapunzel – up in the tower away from any harm.

And by harm he meant the sort that can come from dating boys.

He is horrified by the thought of his little girl, who is still only 22 months, one day having a boyfriend.

I have two daughters and when I think about them one day dating, I understand his feelings of overprotectiveness.

I fear that even if the boyfriend is intelligent, well-presented and likeable, I may still blurt out a series of interrogative questions on our first meeting.

I can imagine myself saying: ‘Why are you interested in dating my daughter’, ‘What do you plan to be doing five years from now’ and the all-important ‘Why do you, of all the people in this world, deserve to date my daughter’ and then glaring at him until I get satisfactory answers.

Of course when the times comes, not wanting to embarrass my daughter, I’ll probably just shake his hand and give him a look that means ‘treat her nice’.

Thinking of my daughters dating one day horrifies me too and that is the one thing that myself and David Beckham have in common.

Well, two things if you count the handsome looks.