Becks as Bond? Fine... and then he opened his mouth

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Daniel Craig’s latest Bond film hasn’t even hit the cinemas and he’s already being replaced by public demand.

There have been all sorts of rumours in the past few weeks about who’s going to end up being the next 007 and two of the favourites are Luther actor Idris Elba, and Homeland star Damian Lewis.

I think either could work, but Idris Elba has to be my favourite. He’s incredibly suave and enigmatic and I think would fit the role perfectly.

There has also been talk that Robbie Williams is up for the role!

I sincerely hope these rumours aren’t true – perhaps he could be a baddie thug, but not Bond.

There are plenty of other British actors who could be eligible but are getting on a bit. Colin Firth and Hugh Grant for example. However, Jude Law could perhaps be considered a younger version of those two. He’s certainly very smooth, he’s got the good looks and RP [received pronunciation], and is perhaps a little more macho than either Firth or Grant.

But why not go all out and make Bond a woman? Go on, it’s the 21st century, let’s rock the (speed) boat.

Jez: Homeland star Damian Lewis and Luther actor Idris Elba are two names linked with becoming the next James Bond star. Firstly Idris Elba has a beard and I feel James Bond should be clean shaven. Just imagine how wrong Pierce Brosnan or Sir Roger Moore would have looked with beards!

Daniel Craig has really grown on me. I remember at first being unsure when he replaced Pierce Brosnan but now I think he is brilliant and I don’t really understand why he must be replaced. Surely he can do another five years, can’t he?

David Beckham will apparently soon be starring in a Hollywood film. He certainly looks the part when it comes to Bond.

I can imagine him climbing out of an Aston Martin in his tuxedo but when he opened his mouth it would all go a bit wrong. I also don’t think he has the smooth witty humour required to play Bond.

How about Jeremy Clarkson? He wouldn’t be afraid to shy away from confrontation with a Russian spy and he loves fast fancy cars