Being kept awake is just so tiresome

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Did you have a good sleep last night? If you had at least eight hours in the land of nod, then the answer is most probably yes.

Apparently that is the right amount needed for an adult to keep body and mind healthy and focused for the day ahead.

As someone who loves sleep, when I’m having a particularly busy or hectic day I always look forward to that moment when I can collapse into my bed with my head landing perfectly on my pillow.

When doing a bit of research into the importance of sleep, I found out that it’s as valuable for our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing.

Put simply, if you want to live a healthy and long life you must make time for a good amount of sleep each night.

I know what you’re thinking – if only it were that simple.

A good night’s sleep is not always an easy thing to accomplish. Apparently the most common things that wake us up during the night are either our pets or our children.

We used to have problems with our dog Ralph waking us (and possibly our neighbours) with his noise at night.

When he is lying asleep, all of a sudden he’ll appear to be dreaming with his legs and paws twitching, which is followed by a series of loud yelpy barks.

Now though, his dog bed is placed as far away from our bedrooms as possible and his dreaming noises cannot be heard.

So if the dog isn’t keeping me up at night, what is?

Well let’s move on to that other common sleep disturbance – children.

An article I read revealed that half of all parents lie about their child’s sleeping patterns, fearing that it will make them look like a bad parent if they admit there are sometimes problems.

Well here is the truth from me. Sometimes I have a great sleep and my two young daughters will go to bed and not be heard from until they wake up in the morning.

Then I feel like kissing them a million times as a thank you for my beautiful undisturbed night.

But other nights aren’t so blissful and will involve one-year-old Alyssa calling out ‘mum, dad, mum, dad’ non-stop until she gets bored and falls back to sleep.

Or three-year-old Caitlin will cry because she has woken up and can’t find the teddy she likes to cuddle in bed.

If you’re a parent I’m sure you’ll agree that after a night of disturbed sleep, the most annoying thing is seeing your children yawning while eating their breakfast the next morning.

But of course, one day they’ll be teenagers wanting a lie-in and that’s when I’ll get my revenge!