Being late is just plain bad manners

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Folks, are you always fashionably late?

Do you think it’s acceptable to stroll in 10/15 minutes or more after the appointed time?

Last week I was watching a TV debate on lateness. Singer Rihanna had infuriated Vogue boss Anna Wintour by rolling up 40 minutes late. Her excuse was she was having her nails done.

Psychologists believe habitual latecomers are actually narcissists, seeing their time as being more valuable than others, so they’ll happily keep you waiting.

Recently my visitor was 15 minutes late. So I texted ‘where R U?’.

The return text was ‘call U later’.

Hang on, they’re already late. No apology. So I waited another 15 minutes for the ‘call’. Then texted ‘don’t bother’.

I was always taught being late is just plain bad manners.