Ben Fogle and Joss Stone are going, so why aren’t I?

ROYAL RENDEZVOUS Rick met Prince Charles 11 years ago
ROYAL RENDEZVOUS Rick met Prince Charles 11 years ago
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Where will you be celebrating the Royal Wedding? At home, at an event or maybe with family and friends at a big street party.

I was proud to tell the south on the radio that Portsmouth has by far the most street parties organised.

This country hasn’t had a lot to shout about in recent years, but this is our chance to show off our pride and traditions. To demonstrate to the rest of the world that the motherland is still alive and kicking.

Actually, I’m quite well connected to the Royal Family. Back in 1981 as an eight-year-old, I was asked to help line the main road into Ryde on the Isle of Wight when his Royal Highness The Prince of Wales visited the island just before his wedding to Lady Diana Spencer.

He was there to open a statue of his late uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten, who had been Governor of the Island.

We waited for hours and I got bored so started making up stupid songs about the Prince – so much so that I was removed from the front and made to sit far back from the road.

When he drove past I caught the faintest of glimpses. The story of my childhood .

I did get to meet Charles in 2000 when he visited the Isle of Wight branch of the Prince’s Trust.

Myself and my radio show co-host at that time, Ana Schofield, were ambassadors and were chosen to greet him in Newport.

Being National Kissing Day, Ana stole a kiss from the Prince and was plastered over most of the red top newspapers the next day. You could see my arm in the shot.

Remember a few years back when Prince William got into trouble for ‘borrowing’ a Sea King helicopter from Middle Wallop and took Harry over to Cowes for a friend’s stag do?

Well I was also in Cowes that night. They ended up in the Duke of York at the top of town; I was in the High Street at The Anchor and completely missed them. Story of my adulthood.

So after all that, I was surprised and a little disappointed not to get a wedding invite. Well, Ben Fogle and Joss Stone are going so why aren’t I?