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You can read too much
You can read too much
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It’s a regular baby boom in my life at the moment.

Now that my friends are hitting their early 30s, procreation seems to be happening en masse.

The baby years seem a distant memory to me now that my son is becoming more independent each day.

I no longer have to deal with a constant flow of poo or being woken up at frequent ungodly hours of the night.

He can walk and talk and put on his own Spiderman pants, and I’m really enjoying this age and watching his personality develop.

He has me in hysterics on a regular basis. He has me fuming quite frequently too!

But handling babies is just like riding a bike right? You never forget.

Well, I have it seems.

This realisation came when I found myself holding one of my friend’s three-week- old baby boy like he was an explosive object, looking as awkward as I might had I taken a wrong turn and found myself in the midst of a Premier League match.

I suppose in part it’s down to that innate fear when holding someone else’s baby that you might accidently break it.

I haven’t held a newborn baby in years. I had forgotten how delicate, tiny and, well, floppy they are.

And heavy too! I had to make my excuses and pass him back after a few minutes because my arm was aching.

Of course, it’s all about babies in the media now.

Everyone is jumping on the royal baby bandwagon and my inbox is brimming with e-mails about our Kate who is, I believe, due around now. She may have even had her baby by the time this is printed!

But my favourite baby related news article of late was on the BBC News – 30 tips for new parents sent in by readers.

It followed on from a previous article about the kinds of irritating advice that new parents face – you know, the type that makes you feel like the world’s most inept parent.

But this article was real advice from real parents and, though I may be slightly biased here, I thought the best two were from parents from around this way.

One mum from the Isle of Wight talked about being bogged down by reading too much, explaining how liberating it was when her husband tore up a book full of ‘professional parenting advice’ and sent it on its way out of the bedroom window. Things just got better from there.

Then there was dad Mike Powell from Havant, who stressed the importance of choosing the right-sized T-shirt for nappy changing, one that’s long enough to cover your posterior while bent over and when covering your nose.

Now if that isn’t experienced parenting advice, I don’t know what is!

· Single mum-of-one Mandy Earle juggles a busy home life with her work as editor of Families Solent East, a free parenting magazine.