Better loos, but locks are a problem

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Folks, I’ve been on bogwatch this week at Asda in Fratton.

A couple of weeks ago I had a right old toot about Asda’s refitted ladies’ loo.

Large disposal bins either side of the toilet pan and an enormous toilet roll holder – all very cramped.

So in pursuit of their lady shoppers’ lavatorial comfort, Asda invited me in on Tuesday.

Charming assistant manager Steve Riley and technicians Steve and Andy escorted me round the ladies’ loo.

It’s been decided to replace both the large dustbin and toilet roll dispenser with smaller versions.

There are also two hooks on the back of the cubicle door – result.

Except...when checking the disabled lavatory, out of 10 times that I ‘flipped’ the door lock it opened four times. Ooops.