Beware ham – it’s a a slippery customer

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Sometimes there can be a language barrier between parent and child and occasionally one of my daughters will try to tell me something and my blank face just stares back at them.

This happened recently when I was having a chat with my four-year-old daughter about her favourite food.

Alyssa mentioned there was one school dinner she particularly liked and asked if we could buy it from the supermarket to enjoy at home.

But the thing she asked for I had never heard of.

According to Alyssa, at school she tucks into a dish called ‘slippy gammon’.

When I asked her to describe this she said it was a thin and pink piece of meat which slid around her plate.

I got the feeling there was no such thing as ‘slippy gammon’ and Alyssa had simply enjoyed a piece of regular gammon on her school plate.

I also get the feeling that from now on, whenever I do buy gammon from the supermarket it will forever be known as ‘slippy gammon’.