Beware Scots saying ‘no’ – they have a hidden agenda

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Could the most unthinkable thing happen on May 7? Could the Scots end up running the country?

Thirty odd days of rhetoric, name-calling and shallow promises. We then have to make up our minds about which one we trust the most.

The Conservatives have made a good job of running the economy, getting Britain back on its feet again.

I’m proud that we are showing the way in Europe.

But at what cost?

What the Tories are not so good at running are our public services – the NHS, the police, services for the old and frail.

I agree wholeheartedly that workers should be rewarded and that you should never better-off on benefits.

However, we are a rich enough country to make sure no one lives in poverty in the 21st century.

I am neither left or right, and so are the rest of us here in the UK it seems, for I strongly believe we will have another coalition government.

Just look at the opinion polls. David Cameron and Ed Miliband are not seen as strong enough leaders to run the country on their own.

There is only one party in the whole of the UK with momentum and that is the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP).

Last year we watched, and deep down hoped, that Scotland would vote ‘no’ to independence and stay with us in the UK.

This they did, but since then, the support for the SNP has grown massively, not diminished.

It looks like Labour could be all but wiped out in Scotland, along with the Liberal Democrats.

And with a very healthy number of seats in Westminster, doing a deal with the Scots would guarantee power for Ed or Dave.

Both may have already said no to this happening, but when the chips are down, 60-odd seats on your side would be too good an offer to refuse.

So when the Scots said no, they didn’t want to rule themselves, this was because their intention was to rule us as well.

With lower taxes, no prescription or tuition fees, let’s have some of what they are having.