Bieber cuts back on food rider

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Bieberwatch first this week and Justin has cut back the demands on his tour rider as he found most of the food he asked for was going to waste. The teenage pop star’s backstage demands included four loaves of bread, 12 bottles of vitamin water, three fresh food platters, potato chips and mixed nuts, among others. Sounds like lunch for me!

• Prince has been told to hand over almost £2.5 million to bosses at a fragrance company after failing to promote a line of scents for them. The Purple Rain singer was sued by Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics in 2008 for pulling out of an alleged deal to endorse products inspired by his 2006 album 3121.

• A thief allegedly broke into P Diddy’s mansion before eating his food and sleeping in his bed. Ever since the hip hop mogul moved in with those three bears this has been a regular occurrence.

• Marc Anthony has filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez, citing irreconcilable differences. He’s had enough of female singers, though with a name like Marc Anthony, if Cleopatra reformed he might change his mind.

• The tiny Pacific island of Niue, having noticed that Lady Gaga hasn’t been in the news lately, has asked her to perform there. If she does, the whole population of the island, about 1,600 people, promise to attend.

• According to reports, Ronan Keating and wife Yvonne will divide their £24 million fortune evenly. On the bright side, it’s the first time he’s not had to give 10 per cent of his money to Louis Walsh.

• Australian parents are being urged to keep their children at home amid concerns One Direction could cause mayhem in Melbourne when they arrive there this weekend. In pre-gig publicity, Niall spat out Vegemite live on Australian TV. He can’t understand its popularity – a feeling everyone over the age of 20 has about One Direction.

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