Bieber too clean for Kanye

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Justin Bieber has denied rumours that he declined the opportunity to collaborate with Kanye West and Jay-Z for their upcoming joint album. It was claimed that Bieber had turned down the chance to feature on the forthcoming Watch The Throne record as he wants to maintain his clean-cut image.

The Foo Fighters have released a 52-page booklet outlining their riders for their upcoming tour. The Walk band have detailed their requests, which will be sent to production staff at different venues across the globe, through a series of colouring-in activities, humorous recipe pages and a word search.

‘Female Singer Food News of the Week’ includes Lily Allen who says her new husband Sam Cooper loves her cooking. She said ‘I like cooking a lot. Sam loves my chicken and meat pie – it’s amazing.’ And Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie gets all her healthy meals delivered but occasionally lacks the ‘discipline’ to resist her favourite junk foods.

Morrissey has premiered three new tracks online: Action Is My Middle Name, The Kid’s A Looker and People Are The Same Everywhere. The ol singer-songwriter says he has yet to seek a record label to distribute the disc and has no intention to release it independently.

In other Glastonbury artist news, U2 have topped a new Forbes magazine list of the 25 highest-paid touring musicians. The band has pulled in $195 million in the last year from their 360 Degrees tour – $70 million more than second-placed Bon Jovi. Sir Elton John came in third place with $100 million and Lady GaGa finished fourth with $90 million.

According to reports, Cheryl Cole is giving up showbiz because she’s had enough of it. But, if that’s true, what other employment could she get? What job would be most suited to her? Well, let’s think about it… She’s used to mentoring troubled kids who’ve ended up being exploited by someone (Simon Cowell). She’s from a rough council estate, so she knows how tough life can be. She’s used to working hard as part of a team (With Girls Aloud). And she knows all about life with the undesirables of the earth (Ashley). So, being a Social Worker it is then, Cheryl.

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