Big meal meant corset-style dress was a bit of a struggle

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The wedding season is now officially over. Well, when it comes to my sisters’ weddings it is.

They had a joint wedding reception together at Southwick Golf Club last Saturday night and it was the grand finale of their crazy wedding extravaganza.

Unlike their weddings, which were held in Cuba and so very individual, this wedding reception was very much about the two of them celebrating together the fact they’d both got married.

It was a lovely reception, made even better by their surprise 10-minute dance routine.

Yes, a whole 10 minutes…and people think I’m the attention-seeking one out of the sisters.

Serously, I’ve got nothing on these two show-offs!

They started off slow dancing together and then a mash-up of about 15 songs came on.

At that point, Michelle and Jo, together with their new hubbies, performed a rather ‘interesting’ routine.

Actually, to be fair it was very good and of course I was there to capture the whole thing on camera.

Because I was bridesmaid for both sisters, I had to wear both of my dresses, which meant half-way through the evening I had to nip to the ladies and change.

But I didn’t really think the situation through properly, because I decided to wear the flowing and comfortable dress first.

Then I changed into the corset-style tight number after I’d eaten a full-blown meal.

It wasn’t the best look I’ve ever worn, I have to say.

I struggled to hold myself in, smile for the cameras and dance the rest of the night away when I looked like I was carrying a small child.

Anyway, the whole sisters’ Cuban wedding experience has been just that – a real experience.

But now ladies, it’s my turn.

Let the wedding planning begin again, because I have precisely one year (and counting) to organise the wedding of the century (mine!) at Southend Barns in Chichester.

Bring it on.

During some filming in Southampton this week I met a very interesting Scandinavian lady called Heidi Bennett.

We got chatting and she told me about this class that she runs called ‘laughter yoga’.

Essentially, she teaches other people to laugh and enjoy the benefits.

The principle behind it is that the body releases endorphins when you laugh, which make you feel happier.

Apparently the body doesn’t know the difference between natural laughter and fake laughter.

Both kinds can make you feel better.

Heidi runs Laughter Pilot in Southampton and I think I’m going to give it a go.

Who’s with me? Come on, we could all do with a giggle, couldn’t we?

I was really shocked to hear the news that US actress Michelle Rodriguez (you’ll know her from the Fast and Furious movies) is reportedly in a relationship with none other than One Directioner Harry Styles’ ex, the model Cara Delevingne.

Apart from the fact Michelle is 35 and Cara is 21, the pairing just seems to me to be, well, a bit odd.

For a start, Cara’s string of past partners have been of the male variety.

The other thing is that Cara is this young, free-spirited British model and Michelle is an American actress with what seems to me to be a tough, icy exterior.

I just didn’t see this relationship coming and don’t see how it will work. I’d like them to prove me wrong though. I love a good old celebrity romance!