Big or small, generosity makes a real difference

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Generosity should not be that surprising. After all, it’s a human trait that we all have and can indulge, whether on a grand scale or not.

But generosity can be impressive.

And that’s just the case with Smile Support and Care in Cowplain.

It has been given £100,000 by philanthropist Peter Harrison.

Mr Harrison, who made his money in computers, was moved to donate to the fund to build a new unit that will cater for families with disabled children from across Hampshire.

In total, it will cost £3.4m and there’s still a way to go, but his gift will make a huge difference.

Smile Support boss Stuart Baldwin says: ‘We look forward to seeing the impact this donation will make’.

We echo that.

It’s fantastic to see someone willing to dig so deep. But it’s also a good reminder to all of us that we all have the ability to make a difference through our own actions.

Whether that’s digging deep, or as deep as you can, to make a donation to charity or community group, or just lending a hand when needed, it all helps to improve the society we live in.

And it’s donations like Mr Harrison’s that show not all well-off people fit the image of the selfish city slicker buying fast cars and big houses in between taking exotic holidays.

Sometimes they can be moved, as in this case, by a simple appeal for help.

So we echo Smile Support’s thanks to Mr Harrison and encourage all our readers to think about whether they could make a similar difference, whatever the scale, through some generosity of their own.

To help Smile Support reach its target, go to