Bike ride has my full support – but not sure about naked hugs

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Didn’t it bother you stood among all those naked men, Miss James?’, quipped Luscious Lez last Saturday afternoon at the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR).

No! But what did rather discombobulate me folks was, as the naked riders came towards the crowd waiting at Clarence Pier, their ride organiser Ian Henden recognised me stood there, leaped off his bike with an ‘ooh it’s Heather James’ and gave me a NAKED hug!

Oopsy, that was a bit dodgy dears, didn’t expect that one.

I personally don’t find the WNBR offensive, nor have I spoken to anyone that does.

We understand if they went fully-clothed, most

people would just ignore them.

And they want to get their message across about the overuse of fossil fuels by

society, draw attention to the vulnerability of cyclists on our roads and celebrate the simple innocence of the human body.

As in previous years, I noticed not many Brit babes with their kit off. I counted only five females.

By 4.45pm that day, LL and myself were entering Canoe Lake, and were very concerned to see an elderly lady sitting on the edge with her legs in the lake.

Passers-by weren’t taking any notice of her, but there was no way we were leaving her there.

She was very confused and told me she was going in for a swim as she edged towards the water.

I saw two teenagers sat on the bench behind me. As I took her arm, I called to them to help me. Once on the bench she was freezing cold and rambling rubbish.

I have experience of my Ma’s dementia and how carers

use distraction to get information.

So I managed to get her details and we phoned the police.

One hour and 45 minutes later her partner and an ambulance arrived to take her home.

I’ve got to say (because I’m usually quite quick to knock our yoof) that Hannah and Matt, 18-year-old students from Havant Sixth Form College, were wonderful. They stayed the whole time.

Their parents should be very proud of them.