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My youngest daughter Alyssa celebrated her first birthday last month.

I really don’t know how a year has passed already.

It seems like only yesterday when my partner Serena phoned me while shopping in Commercial Road.

As she was seven days overdue, the doctors had told her to try walking to move things along.

Walking around the block would have been boring, so heading to the shops with her friend and picking up some last minute baby items was the chosen option.

Little did we know how last minute it would actually be.

I was at home ready to jump in the car to go to work when Serena called with the news that her contractions had started.

The walking had worked.

Or maybe it was the excitement of the shopping.

Luckily her friend had her car parked nearby so she was home in just a few minutes.

As the birth of our first daughter Caitlin had gone to plan with no problems, we had decided to have a home birth this time. A quick call to our midwife was all we had to do.

I started getting a bit nervous when Serena’s contractions were getting stronger and much closer together and the midwife still hadn’t arrived.

I was worried I’d have to put the gloves on and deliver the baby myself.

But thankfully the midwife arrived and just 20 minutes later at 2.37pm on April 21, Alyssa entered the world.

Between the age of one day and one year it was, of course, all about Alyssa.

This has been a year where there has been little time for anything un-related to our new baby.

If we were watching a TV show, for example, it would be interrupted by Alyssa.

If we were asleep, that would also be interrupted by Alyssa.

Before Alyssa was born, Caitlin had started sleeping through the night so the quiet evenings had become a luxury and we’d enjoyed the switch from hectic house to calm haven with Caitlin asleep and all the noisy toys turned off and packed away.

When Alyssa arrived, the evenings weren’t so quiet any more.

But since her first birthday things have changed once more and the evenings now belong to mummy and daddy again.

Alyssa no longer wants her 9pm bottle and is sleeping from 6pm all the way through to 7am without interruption.

When she was waking up every three hours as a newborn I never thought this moment would arrive.

So now we can get though a whole TV show without having to press the pause button.

But of course, the TV volume stays low.