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I’ve learned that sarcasm is to be used carefully when talking to your children.

Sarcasm is alive and well and in Britain and we are great at it, but as someone who unashamedly uses sarcasm on a daily basis, I sometimes have to hold back when talking to my three and five-year-old daughters.

This can be especially frustrating when I think of the most brilliant comeback to something they’ve said, but those words will not leave my lips because they just won’t get it.

For example, when I say ‘I just love it when you spill your cereal all over the table’ they think I’m telling the truth.

But it gets worse, as a parent there are so many sarcastic-worthy things such as Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny that I have to be serious about.

Then when my daughters tell me about something a tiny bit boring my response can sound sarcastic when I don’t even mean it. I’m told though, from parents with older children, soon my house will be full of sarcasm and it won’t be coming from me.