Black Friday shoppers were just like a bunch of animals

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I’m still shaking my head at the crazy goings-on during Black Friday.

The injuries suffered in the mad crush to bag a bargain should be healing by now.

There’s a lot for us Brits to be proud about, but Black Friday is not one of them.

Those involved in some of the scenes I saw on the telly should be embarrassed with themselves.

They were like a bunch of animals. I’ve seen better-behaved vultures on a David Attenborough documentary.

Most of them seemed to be fighting over Blaupunkt TVs. Now I know I’m hardly ‘down with the kids’ any more, but I’ve never even heard of Blaupunkt.

I doubt most of these people even needed a TV and I simply can’t imagine jumping on top of a TV to stop someone else getting to it is really going to do much for its performance.

I’ve heard since that some of these bargain-hunters are trying to flog their goods on eBay, but no-one wants them.

Oh, what a shame.

The scenes in some stores were reminiscent of football terraces in the 1980s.

Are the supermarkets going to start paying for policing Black Friday in the future?

Apparently there was queuing all night just to get a £70 discount. Wow, is your time really worth that?

We all like a bargain, but rolling around a supermarket floor fighting over household appliances is seriously undignified.

It’s laughable really how people get caught up in a mad scramble just to save a few quid.

I expect Jeremy Kyle was short of guests for his show that day. They were all out shopping.

One good thing to come out of this, though, is how it miraculously healed the sick.

Those usually confined to mobility scooters or seen hobbling along with walking sticks were suddenly able to run again.

Amazing. Who needs doctors?

To me, there was something quite feral about the whole thing. They say cities are just three days away from anarchy and I can see why. Just imagine what would happen if people ran low on food.