Body art can be fab – but not on me

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Have your say you know what a ‘tramp stamp’ is folks?

It’s a bit naughty and refers to a certain type of tattoo.

Although I cannot stand tattoos on women, I am fascinated by body art.

I think some of the freestyle designs are fabulous.

But I come from the generation before tattoos on females became a fashion statement.

In the ‘50s/60s and so on, if you saw a tattoo on a woman’s arm, you’d nudge-nudge, wink-wink and say to your girlepal: ‘She’s a bit common. Very tacky’.

So when I was reading about the origins of body art recently, I was amused to find out about the tribes of Polynesia and that tattoos on women advertised their sexual availability.

Hence the term tramp stamp to describe today’s little mark on a woman’s shoulder, ankle, or lower back.

Fancy that, eh!