Bohemian Rhapsody is genius – even if you’re not a Queen fan: Cheryl Gibbs

If you’ve not yet seen movie Bohemian Rhapsody I strongly urge you to watch it – it is absolute genius.

By Cheryl Gibbs
Thursday, 7th March 2019, 3:57 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 5:00 pm
Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody PA Photo/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Alex Bailey.
Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody PA Photo/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation/Alex Bailey.

I’ve always enjoyed Queen’s music but wouldn’t class myself as a major fan.

But since watching this movie I have a whole new level of respect for them.

What extraordinary talents and lifestyles they all led!

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Freddie Mercury is played by Rami Malek who won the Best Actor gong at this year’s Oscars and I can totally see why. 

His portrayal of the late Freddie, a highly complex individual who died aged 45 from Aids-related bronchial pneumonia, was outstanding.

I cannot recommend watching this movie highly enough. 

A light-hearted soap opera with a powerful message

I know this is probably the most random column I’ve ever written in the 11 or so years since I’ve been gracing these pages of The News. 

But I have to take this opportunity to applaud the incredible talents and sensitivity of a storyline that has gripped millions of television viewers people around the world this week.

And that storyline is from the television show Neighbours.  

No, Harold Bishop isn’t in it anymore and, yes, Paul Robinson is.

I get the same questions every time I tell someone that I watch the Aussie soap.

In fact my husband and I absolutely love it and we watch the episodes all in one go on the weekend – ideally with a glass of wine in hand and a takeaway Chinese.

Everyone has their guilty pleasures and ours is Neighbours.

Over the past few weeks it’s been heart-wrenching to watch as Sonya Rebecchi loses her battle with ovarian cancer.

She’s played by actress Eve Morey and I have to say I’ve not seen acting like it in a long time.

People always mock soaps like this and, to be fair, I don’t think Neighbours has always been at the epicentre of gripping drama.

But  the way this storyline has played out has been nothing short of fantastic and I really hope that Eve and her on-screen hubby Jarod Rebecchi or ‘Toadfish’, played by actor Ryan Maloney, get recognised for their work. 

They have been nothing short of outstanding.

Actress Eve has always been the standout talent of Neighbours.

Her character has battled everything humanly possible and her portrayal of a mum struggling with addictions has always been incredible, but she took it to a whole new level with this storyline.

I cried like a baby during her episodes and I’m immensely sad that she has left.

A big round of applause also goes to the show’s writers and producers. 

They have touched the hearts and emotions of so many people around the world and raised awareness of killer ovarian cancer. 

I wonder how many women have had check-ups because of it? 

So it’s one rule for celebs and one rule for us normal folk…

Katie Price – aka Jordan – is back in the press once again – for all the wrong reasons.  

The model could lose her £2m mansion in Sussex if she doesn’t keep up with some hefty payments that she agreed to in order to avoid bankruptcy.

According to reports Katie owes in excess of £800,000 but will only have to pay back around 41 per cent in monthly instalments over the next five years. This angers me greatly.

It’s not like she’s lived a frugal existence or even a ‘normal’ one like the rest of us, so why does she get the chance to wipe off debts when she’s still seemingly living a pretty darn good lifestyle and sleeping in a £2m home that could help repay those debts?