Book scheme will sow the seeds for so much more

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A good book is sometimes all it takes to fire the imagination.

But if you haven’t got access to a book of any kind, there’s little chance of you discovering that for yourself.

Reading isn’t just a skill that should be taught at school.

It’s one of life’s little pleasures and should be enjoyed and developed for years to come.

The sooner our children are encouraged to discover the joy of reading for themselves, the better.

And we’re sure that the recent book giveaway at Warren Park Primary School will have done a lot to make that happen in Leigh Park.

Some will find it astonishing that 19 per cent of the school’s pupils didn’t have a single book at home.

When headteacher Colin Harris found out, he was determined to do something about that and used £600 from the school’s budget to buy every pupil a book to take home and keep.

The library has also been renovated and opened up to parents in a bid to encourage a culture of reading for pleasure to develop.

We commend the school for its positive approach and innovative ideas.

It’s clear that the pupils have got a lot out of being given a book of their own to devour over the festive holidays.

We can only hope that the seeds have now been sown and these children continue to read more at home.

Critics might have been quick to predict the demise of the printed word, warning that books will soon be replaced by electronic reading devices.

But there’s nothing quite like the feel of a book to conjure up excitement and adventure.

Not everyone can afford to rush out and buy the latest bestseller, but books don’t have to be expensive.

Visit your nearest charity shop and you’ll find shelves groaning under the weight of novels just waiting to be discovered. Our public libraries give families access to thousands of titles for free.

Warren Park Primary gave its pupils a magical gift. It’s never too late to do the same.