Box-ticking service in excellent hotel doesn’t quite tick the box

If you want feedback, provide a pen.
If you want feedback, provide a pen.
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My mate went to stay at a hotel last Friday and he had a really nice time there.

The room was lovely, the shower was terrific, the bed was comfy, everything was clean, the staff were friendly and the breakfast he ordered in the morning was delicious.

So, come the end of the stay he sees one of those tick-box questionnaires asking guests to rate various services in the hotel and write any comments about what he thought of his stay.

So, he’s about to tick every box rating the hotel as ‘Excellent’ and put down some really nice comments about it, but then he finds they haven’t provided him with a pen to fill the form in.

So, he calls room service to ask for a pen and they take an hour bringing it up to him, which means he feels he then has to mark them down for their level of service.

So, he’s about to write this down, but then he finds that the pen they’ve given him doesn’t work, so he has to mark them down on that.

So, he goes downstairs to tell them that the pen doesn’t work, but there’s no one at the front desk.

So, basically, what he told me was that his whole time at the hotel was ruined because it was so nice and he wanted to tell them how great they’d been.

So, what he suggests is never fill in one of those ‘comments’ forms in hotels if you think the place is great; it’ll only backfire on you!

In other news, Baileys is scrapping its distinctive bottle shape after almost 40 years so that drinkers can keep it in the fridge door. Of course, if you’re like me you’ll have already found a solution to the problem of storage.

My way is to open and then finish the bottle in the course of one evening so I can put it straight in the recycling. Works every time!