Boyfriend’s to blame for me doing my shopping early

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Normally when it comes to Christmas shopping, I’m pretty organised.

I’m not one of those supermums who have everything bought, wrapped, tagged and tucked safely away out of sight by the end of August, but by early December I’m nearly there.

It’s my boyfriend who’s to blame. It’s his birthday on December 28, so I have to buy double for him, which means I start shopping extra early.

We were chatting to our producer the other day about how much you should spend on your other half at Christmas.

He reckons the minimum is £100. Now if I did that, I’d be spending £200 on my boyfriend in the space of four days!

So normally we agree on a spending limit of around £50. We’ve never been the kind of couple to buy each other extravagant gifts – no iPads and diamond earrings for us.

When it comes to actually choosing what to buy, it’s not too tricky. To be honest I mainly spend my £50 budget on Lego and Rubik’s cubes as, like most blokes, my boyfriend is a big kid.

JEZ: Last week on the show we were talking about how much you should spend on your partner’s Christmas present. I was amazed when our producer said in his opinion the absolute minimum amount was £100.

I’ve always been told it’s the thought that counts when giving presents. Recently my wife celebrated her birthday and she wanted some Converse pumps. I was able to purchase an almost identical-style shoe for just £9.99, a fraction of the price you would pay for Converse.

They were on special offer in my local sports store and in fact they were so cheap I bought two pairs. My wife loved her new shoes and she didn’t care I’d only spent £19.98!

Actually I removed the price tags so she has no idea how much I paid (unless she reads this).

Last year for Christmas I bought her a new pair of Wellington boots, as her old ones were leaking and she needed them for dog walking. Again I removed the price tag and she absolutely loved her new purple boots.

After all, nothing says love more than a new pair of wellies!