Bravo to city council and thanks for listening to us

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I might be about to do the good people of Portsmouth City Council a disservice here, but it’s been very refreshing to see the powers-that-be reacting to public pressure.

I’m talking, of course, about the traffic problems encountered when trying to drive into the city.

I’m a little confused though, because it wasn’t that long ago that the council was saying the lane changes to accommodate the park and ride buses had had no discernible effect on the traffic flow into the city and the problems were instead the fault of ‘inconsiderate’ drivers.

So vociferous were the comments under the story The News carried on its website that a story was written for the paper rounding up some of the most vehement reaction,

But soon I saw on Twitter that council leader Cllr Donna Jones was sitting in a car at my morning bête-noir, the dreaded Rudmore roundabout, actually seeing for herself the struggle it can be to get on the M275 in either direction.

It has been fantastic that, as a result of that, a bit of equipment has been installed to make the traffic lights at the bottom of the M275 work more intuitively.

Now I’m not known for getting carried away by traffic light technology, but I will always be a fan of things that make me spend less time sitting stationary in my car, silently hating the drivers in front of me.

It’s only been a week since these whizzy new bits of tech were announced by the council and presumably installed, but it’s already made a difference.

I can drive the mile from my house to the M275 in less than 10 minutes, rather than the half-hour it would sometimes take.

There are no cars using the Rudmore roundabout as a short cut and I haven’t seen the tailbacks getting into the city in the morning stretching back past the Tipner Sails for a while.

There is also going to be an extension to the park and ride to Southsea, which can only be a good thing.

Here’s hoping it will eventually be extended to Fratton Park for Pompey match days.

But for the moment I say bravo Portsmouth City Council and thank you for listening.