Breast cancer doesn’t only affect women

CAP: Verity Lush was anxious and embarrassed about going for an intimate MRI scan - but now has to go through it all again!

VERITY LUSH: Oh, the indignity of an x-ray toilet

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The male voice behind me in the newsagents admonished me with the words: ‘Men get breast cancer too.’

I’d been telling everyone in the shop about my 60th birthday bash at the Kings Theatre on Thursday April 21, in aid of breast cancer research.

I was saying that one in eight women in the UK will get breast cancer, and we need to raise funds to help fight this dreadful disease, when I got my telling off.

Anyway, I Googled ‘men breast cancer’. It appears 300 men in the UK per year, compared to 45,700 women, will get breast cancer.

Now to another website, The News one at Click on Lifestyle, go to The Guide, then click on Stage, and read Mike Allen’s fabulous article about my 60th Birthday Bash. Buy a ticket and you’ll have a laugh – plus help in the battle against breast cancer.