Brenda’s a real inspiration to us

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It’s making its debut’, I giggled, flourishing my new bus pass for the very first time and half expecting the bus driver to say ‘sorry missus, can’t accept that, you look too young.’

Only joking folks. I’m not a narcissistic nincompoop you know.

Though I’ve got to say our older generation are looking younger all the time.

Whereas years ago their get up and go had got up and gone, now the over-60s are joining in all sorts of activities.

The oldest woman shaking her booty in my Zumba classes is 75 years old. You go girl.

Anyway, last Friday I’d been invited to The Arts Stop Cafe in Eastney Community Centre at Bransbury Park for a new art exhibition. The paintings to be exhibited were by a local artist, 95-year-old Brenda Goodyear.

Mmm I thought, I might mosey on down there and take a shufti.

I expected to meet a frail old lady with average paintings. What I got was a sprightly, grey haired 95 years-young woman with twinkly blue eyes, dresssed in a periwinkle blue paisley dress and cardi.

Her paintings were beautiful and she was a delight to chat to.

Born in Portsmouth, she’d always loved painting but had never had her art displayed. And now finally at 95 it was up there on the walls.

She was so excited. Brenda is completely self-taught and only started painting ‘ seriously’ at 78.

What an inspiration folks. Brenda never gave up on her dream that one day her paintings would be displayed and viewed by others. And she got her dream at 95.

Driving home, I got to thinking, about our own lives and whether have we given up on our dreams too easily.

Maybe it’s time to get that dream, or goal, or project, off the back burner.

Why not dust it off and go and do it?

A wise man once said ‘never hang up your earth boots and leave the earth’s plain with an ‘‘if’’’ as in ‘if I’d only I’d done this or that.

Think about it.