Brexit is not to blame for wrecking our kids’ lives - Opinion

A report has found that childhood is getting worse, with online bullying, fears over violent crime and even Brexit among the top obstacles to growing up happy.

Thursday, 11th July 2019, 4:31 pm
Updated Monday, 15th July 2019, 3:14 pm

Fears over Brexit. Give it a rest! More like remoaner parents regurgitating their own paranoia. It’s just more scaremongering.

Children in years gone by had to worry about German bombs flattening their house and getting evacuated to the countryside or even the Isle of Wight! Others were taught to hide in wardrobes if they couldn’t get underground when the Soviet Union launched a nuclear attack.

Kids are more worried about keeping up with the latest fashions, whether their brows are on point or how long Instagram will be down for.

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I can’t say I’ve ever heard them discussing the finer points of the customs union or whether anyone’s ever had a letter from the school because little Jonny’s geography has suffered as a result of sleepless nights wondering if the FTSE 100 will crash after a hard Brexit. I expect most of them don’t understand, couldn’t care less and don’t give Brexit a second thought.

Childhood, no matter in which era, has always had its own difficulties. But with today’s mollycoddling and over-protective parents, children are not getting a balanced view of life. They aren’t getting exposed to some of the harsh realities. Getting a medal for finishing last in the egg and spoon race isn’t going to help someone learn to deal with disappointment. I fear this has a detrimental effect on the mental health of children as they grow up.

Also parents need to be parents and not best friends to their offspring. Little Jenny doesn’t need to hear the ins and outs of Roger and Sandra’s sordid affair. They need to worry about falling in stinging nettles and how to get down from a tree they’ve climbed too high.

Bullying has always been a problem and sadly always will. Social media is just another outlet for it.

So no, childhoods aren’t harder now. It’s just that today’s children are unable to deal with life in the same way previous generations did.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Why the storm in a tea cup over THAT goal celebration?

We’re meant to be a country famous for its sense of humour and the way we mock each other. Swearing and being rude to each other is part of being British.

So what I really don’t understand is why the meltdown about the goal celebration of American player Alex Morgan against England is still rumbling on. After scoring against us she pretended to drink a cup of tea with her pinky extended. I thought it was funny.

People need to stop taking things so seriously. Piers Morgan, of all people, who often likes to call out snowflakes, was one of the biggest crybabies.

It was funny because we are known for our tea-drinking. End of.


Fighting racism by being racist creates deeper rifts

Imagine the uproar if Victorious Festival charged black people £90 for a Saturday day ticket but white people were allowed in for £45. There would be outrage and rightly so. But that is exactly what Afrofuture Fest in Detroit planned to do. Charge white people double.

This is where we have got to – fighting racism by being racist and it’s not the way to go about it. It does nothing to further anyone’s cause and just creates further division.

I can’t believe people think this is the way to go about addressing a supposed imbalance in society. 

Well done the radicals who thought this one up. You’ve become the racists you set out to stand up against.