Brexit: we voted to leave so that's what we must do '“ Rick Jackson

Although I voted to remain in the EU I've always held the belief that as we voted to leave, that is what we should do. Leave. Fully. I thought this was very black and white, but obviously not.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 11:23 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 2:48 am
Should Theresa May be leading us out of the EU?
Should Theresa May be leading us out of the EU?

Northern Ireland, fishing grounds, the movement of people and some business leaders have put many spanners in the works, hence this so-called  '˜deal' that has been negotiated.

For me, this deal is a bad deal and I really hope our MPs listen to the voice of the people and vote it down.

I've read two things this week which strengthen my belief and one is the Australian viewpoint on Brexit, from  Tony Abbott, the prime minister from 2013 to 2015.

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He says he is baffled by Brexit.

He believes our vote on June 23, 2016, showed our true belief in the United Kingdom, but that we have an  establishment that doesn't share that belief and is desperate to do a deal.

He goes on to say that a deal we are not prepared to walk away from is surrender and he wonders how David Cameron, and particularly Theresa May, who voted to remain in the EU, should be leading us out and not one of the Brexiteers instead?

On business and Northern Ireland, he believes the UK should not impose any tariffs or quotas on European products and allow freedom of movement of EU citizens '“ with a few conditions '“ like  freedom of movement being for work and not welfare.

He says this would solve the Northern Ireland issue as there would be no need for border checks and for business  we'd continue to recognise the European standard.

He also believes it would be very much in the EU's interest not to impose tariffs on us as it wouldn't be in their best interests.

He believes we hold all the cards and have a truly wonderful opportunity ahead of us. 

Google Tony Abbott on Brexit and read for yourself and let Theresa May have her TV debate, not with another remainer like Jeremy Corbyn, but with Brexiteer Boris Johnson.

I hope our MPs also show their belief in us and vote '˜no'.'‹'‹'‹'‹'‹'‹


Bad daddy finally sees the light '“ but not until 5pm'¦

I had the privilege and pleasure of helping to switch on the Christmas lights in my home town of Gosport last Saturday.

Many braved the rain to watch children and entertainers perform before we threw the switch at 5pm and let off the fireworks to signal the start of the festive period in town.

It was too cold and wet for my young kids to go so we decided to take them light-spotting on Sunday. It was too early to see them properly at Gunwharf Quays, but by 4.30pm and getting off the Gosport Ferry, we excitedly walked up High Street. It was surprisingly dark. As we boarded the bus home at 4.40pm I realised the lights were timed to switch on every day at 5pm! Bad daddy.


We walked down the aisle together and fell for old trick 

We've used the same supermarket for years now and get the weekly shop delivered, saving us precious time and saving Tesco from our two small children.

Finally, we decided to try the discount German stores everyone's raving about. With the kids at school and nursery, we went to Aldi.

We really enjoyed filling the trolley and felt we'd save on our £120 weekly bill. At the checkout, we passed the £130 mark. Well, that didn't work did it? The blame lies squarely with the pesky central aisle and all the tat we really didn't need but '˜had' to have. The food side of it came to £85 but we now have enough air fresheners to make even the Peel Common treatment works smell nice!