Brilliant to see a local lad become talk of Tinseltown

Colin Firth
Colin Firth
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Colin Firth has got to go down as one of England’s biggest acting successes. But better than that, he’s from round these parts.

I can’t believe a local lad from Winchester (well, that’s local enough for me) has not only become one of the most sought-after movie actors of recent times, but has now won an Oscar for his efforts.

It’s not just any Oscar either (although there are few things I wouldn’t do to get hold of any one of these bad boys), but the award for Best Actor for his role in The King’s Speech.

Incredible is the only word to describe his portrayal of the King. I was slightly disappointed (but not entirely surprised) for Helena Bonham Carter though.

She played the Queen Mother and I thought she was excellent and should take some credit for Colin’s success as she allowed him to shine while she took a backseat role. But I still thought she was amazing.

She was deservedly nominated in the Best Supporting Category and truly was brilliant.

I was invited on BBC Solent’s Saturday Morning show with Sasha Twining as a ‘showbiz expert’ and was asked to provide the low-down on the Oscars and how I thought they would play out come the big night.

I’m delighted that my predictions came true. Colin got the top spot with The King’s Speech taking the big prize – Best Picture – from The Social Network and Black Swan.

Although both the latter are great movies, I think the right winner was picked. It had to be The King’s Speech, didn’t it?

Now, regular readers will know I have a huge appetite for showbiz gossip, so the Oscars is heaven for me.

What I found really funny when reading up about this year’s big awards ceremony was the story about how Colin, after claiming his big gold gong, almost lost it by leaving it the lavatory!

Apparently, a toilet attendant found it and had to give it back to a rather embarrassed Colin.

How funny. Just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how popular he is, how successful he will be in the future (a given), he’s still human and he’s still a local lad done good.