Broken dryer had me in a right old spin

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Yet another spin dryer has gone to the scrapyard in the sky.

As I was spinning my washing last week, I turned the off lever and lifted the lid, only to find the spin dryer kept spinning. Blimey.

I pulled the plug and it still kept on spinning.

So I tested it without the washing in.

Off we went, spinner on, spinner off. Still spinning – even when I’d unplugged it.

I panicked, thinking that metal on metal might catch fire and quickly poured in a large jug of water.

Who forgot about centrifugal force?

The water went everywhere and I got drenched.

Only one thing for it. Off I went to see my spin dryer guardian angel – the charming Jim at the British Heart Foundation store on the corner of Stubbington Avenue in North End – to purchase another spin dryer.