Bruised fruit no longer an issue

Cheryl was lucky enough to sit next to 1980s pop star Sinitta, pictured here at a previous event   Picture: PA

CHERYL GIBBS: An embarrassing moment at a celebrity shindig with Sinitta

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Caitlin now attends nursery which means a packed lunch has to be made each morning to take with her.

When I was at school I preferred the hot school dinners over bringing my own food with me.

Mainly because by the time the school bell would ring at midday signalling lunch time, my lovingly made sandwich placed neatly in my lunchbox would have been battered by my bottle of drink and my packet of crisps would often have been squashed too, resulting in a bag full of crispy crumbs. I don’t think I ever ate an apple without a big bruise on it.

But now battered sandwiches are a thing of the past as lunchboxes have moved on since I was a nipper.

I bought one for Caitlin and was surprised to see they now have their own little compartments. The sandwich and the drink need never make contact and even the banana has its own banana-shaped bit of storage.

I’ve thought about getting one of these modern lunchboxes for myself.

But maybe I’ll pick one without the picture of Minnie Mouse on the front.