Buckets of fun for my daughter

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If you’re on Facebook, I’m sure your newsfeed, like mine, has been full of videos of people chucking icy water over their heads. It’s the latest charity craze to spread like wildfire across social media.

If you’re not on Facebook, or Earth, here’s how it works.

You fill up a bucket with cold water and add a few ice cubes, then you pour it over your head (or get someone to do it for you) and then as you shiver through your soaked clothing, you nominate someone else to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Then you pick up your phone 
and donate money to charity. I was sceptical at first, wondering if people would donate, but I’ve read that so far £37m has been raised, which is great news.

I thought I’d got away with it, but then came my nomination, from Donna Jones, leader of Portsmouth City Council (thanks Donna).

It was my daughter Caitlin who had the honour of pouring the ice cold water over me and unsurprisingly she enjoyed every second.