Bucks Fizz lyrics strike a chord

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The Land of Make Believe was a 1981 single by Eurovision winners Bucks Fizz. The song was written about a child’s dream and it was only recently the lyrics struck a chord with me.

Particularly the final part of the track where you hear a nursery rhyme: ‘I’ve got a friend who comes to tea, who no-one else can see but me. He came today, but had to go, to visit you? You never know.’

Apparently this bit was read by the daughter of one of the record executives. The reason I can relate to this song is because I often visit the Land Of Make Believe with my two daughters.

It’s sometimes easy to forget what huge imagination young children have. But just this week my three-year-old daughter played the Princess and I was the evil monster trying to get inside her castle.

I must say I played the part well, some might say it was Oscar-worthy. To you The Land of Make Believe may be a song, but to me it’s a place I love to visit with my daughters every day.