Budget policies that caught my eye

The biggest issue for me as local MP over the last week has been the 2016 budget.

Alan Mak MP with officers and staff from the British Armys 11 Brigade, Baker Barracks, Emsworth
Alan Mak MP with officers and staff from the British Armys 11 Brigade, Baker Barracks, Emsworth

Getting up at 6am to secure a seat in the Commons Chamber meant I was in a good position to see and hear it delivered first hand.

I also spoke in the budget debate following the Chancellor’s statement, highlighting local economic successes such as Solent Retail Park, our small businesses, and the creation of around 3,500 new jobs at Dunbury Hill Farm near Leigh Park.

The chancellor set out an economic plan that will ensure financial security, social opportunity, and positive change for hard-working residents across the Havant constituency and the country for years to come.

Three new policies that are positive for local residents caught my eye.

Firstly, the income tax cut for hardworking individuals and families, and the increased threshold before anyone starts paying the 45p tax rate.

By 2017, over 48,000 Havant constituents will see their tax bills cut, and 1,826 more local low-earners will be freed from income tax altogether.

People will keep more of the money they work hard to earn.

Secondly, the new Lifetime ISA will help the next generation to save.

The government will give savers £1 for every £4 put 
into the ISA up until the age of 50.

Thirdly, fuel duty is frozen helping every drive, while business rates for small businesses will be cut and, in many cases, abolished.

Don’t forget to send me your nominations for my Havant Small Business Awards by April 1.

Every resident that sends in a nomination will be entered into a prize draw to win tickets to the awards ceremony itself at South Downs College in late 

Building an economy fit for the future demands a highly-skilled workforce, and South Downs are outstanding at preparing the next generation for their working 

Apart from economic security, our local Army reservists provide Britain with national security.

I was honoured to meet soldiers from 11 Brigade stationed at Baker Barracks on Thorney Island, Emsworth.

I enjoyed seeing the equipment they use, and support their recruitment campaign to ensure more residents sign-up to serve in the Forces alongside their day jobs.

Thanks to News readers for your continuing support.

Enjoy the Easter weekend!

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