Bugged by the nursery germs

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There are many advantages to sending my eldest daughter Caitlin to nursery, the main one being the development of her social skills.

Something as simple as interacting with other children has so many benefits, including teaching her patience and the fact that sometimes she will have to wait, sometimes she will have to take turns and sometimes she will have to share.

In the short three months she’s attended nursery it’s clear that mixing with other children has been beneficial.

Sadly there is one disadvantage and that is she seems to catch any bug that is going around.

Before we know it we’re all infected and I consider putting a big cross on the front door signalling everyone to stay away.

As I type, on my right is a disgusting cold and flu powder drink ready for me to try and consume without the horrible taste touching my tongue.

On my left is my youngest daughter Alyssa using me as a climbing frame. I’m not sure if the aches and pains are from the cold and flu or from Alyssa’s feet jabbing my ribs.