Burger man Mick’s faith in Pompey has to be relished

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Mick Johnsey knows well the hunger of Pompey fans – in every sense of the phrase. For decades, he’s watched them chomp into his famous burgers before and after matches at Fratton Park.

And as a true fan, he understands as well the hunger that all supporters have not only for success on the field but for the security of having a well-run club.

He then is just one of many talismen we expect will step forward as examples of why fans should be prepared to reach into their pockets and back the effort to harness that supporters’ passion into a viable means of securing the club’s future.

By pledging a £100 show of intent on a £1,000 share in Pompey’s future, the boss of Mick’s Monster Burgers is making the same decisive step as that which hundreds of supporters have taken this week.

And many will share his view on the need to do so.

‘It’s all we can do at the moment’ he says. ‘I think it’s a good idea. We have to save Pompey.

‘It’s a no-lose situation. If it goes through people will be happy, if it doesn’t they will get their money back.

‘My message to fans is to put your money up straight away because if they can afford it, it will give the club a chance to survive.’

We would echo those sentiments and we are pleased that the Trust has been heartened by the initial response to its call for a commitment from fans.

There is no doubt that many more will need to sign up if the dream of a community buy-out is to be realised, but as the situation becomes more and more critical at Fratton Park, we hope that the flood of interest will swell.

We hope too that politicians efforts to secure public money on both a national and local level is successful, because Portsmouth Football Club as a business is too important to the economic wellbeing of the region to be lost.

Pompey’s present predicament is not the fault of supporters but it could well be that at the end of the day they hold the only real chance of a return to stability and success. They deserve to succeed.