Butterflies: an obesity cure?

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Some observant biologists in Greenland have discovered that hotter summer weather in the country could be shrinking the wings of some of its butterfly species.

It can’t be categorically linked, but it’s likely to do with global warming.

This got me wondering if this could be applied to humans too, and, if so, could we put those humans that want to lose a bit of weight on a really hot island for a month to shrink them a bit? Wishful thinking perhaps?

n Now we’re a week into the 5p plastic bags and some people have started to steal shopping baskets across UK supermarkets. It seems strange to me that we go mad over a 5p plastic bag, but my favourite coffee capsules have gone up by tens of pence and no-one has batted an eyelid.

n Some researchers in Austria have looked into the drinking habits of more than a thousand people and discovered that those who preferred bitter flavours, like coffee, had darker personalities.

If this study is correct, perhaps the test should be rolled out in schools to suss out people’s personalities before they reach adulthood? This could be useful for so many things.

People’s personalities could be matched to their jobs, partners, friends and all sorts. It could make life an awful lot easier.

n I’d like to mention this year’s Wave 105 Cash for Kids charity auction to say a big thank-you to our brilliant listeners and charity supporters for helping to raise more than £38,000 this year. We were extremely lucky to have had some amazing prizes donated from businesses, organisations and individuals from across the region, and people were placing some great bids. All of the money raised through the auction will go towards supporting local disadvantaged children across the south.