Call Starbursts Opal Fruits? Then you must be getting on

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A list has been compiled to show the top 50 signs that you’re ageing.

At number 34 is ‘gasping for a cup of tea’.

Now you can’t argue with this. Without doubt, it’s something that occurs as you get older.

You walk through the front door and, after only popping out for five minutes, you’re gasping.

You run the mower over the garden and afterwards you’re gasping.

Taking a flask of tea on a day out is at number 36.

This is also true. Where once it would have been a hip flask on the golf course, now it’s piping hot tea and a pullover in case it gets a bit ‘nippy’.

And another key indicator of age? Calling Starbursts Opal Fruits.

What are Starbursts?