Calling a child North West? Kim and Kanye might have a point

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First this week a quick tip for you to avoid upset at your kids’ party.

If you don’t want all the kids to cry during the face-painting session, don’t do what my mate did and hire a surrealist to do the face-painting. The kids are still traumatised!

Anybody know what age is too old to be seen wearing a baseball cap back to front? 

I’m thinking it’s about 16. Anything older and you just can’t get away with it. It’s like wearing a bowler hat when you’re 12.

Also, should you have to be French and bohemian to wear a beret?

I think you should. I think if you’re British, berets are wrong, unless they signify you’re in a military regiment.

And are you allowed to wear a balaclava on a moderately warm day if you’re not a terrorist? Anyone know?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have named their baby daughter North West. 

Do you suppose they’ve named her that for this reason; they know the kid is

going to grow up rich beyond our wildest dreams and live the most glamorous life, so have they lumped her with a silly name just so she doesn’t get carried away with how great her life is?

I think they have because when she’s introduced to ordinary mortals like us as North West we’re not going to be able to hide a smirk.

And that reaction is going to help bring that girl right down to earth.

Finally, a £3.68 MWD, or Minimum Wage Dress, has gone on sale aimed at women on a budget.

Two things struck me when I heard about it. One – if a bloke buys one of these for his partner, just how much thought will he put into hiding the receipt so she never realises what a cheapskate he is?

And two – is £3.68 also the annual wage of the child in Bangladesh that made it?