Callous thieves only interested in what they can get

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Fred Knight is one of life’s good guys.

The 60-year-old could easily have spent his semi-retirement enjoying himself and relaxing after a lifetime of work.

But instead he thought of others, happily devoting his spare time to collecting donations for the Waterlooville Food Bank at the town’s Asda store.

This was after he had spent several years helping people in need on Christmas Day.

So imagine how disillusioned he must have felt after becoming the target of callous thieves who clearly don’t share his caring nature.

For them, life is all about what you can get with absolutely no thought given to the impact on victims.

Fred labels them as ‘sick’ and it’s hard to disagree.

He also says stealing from somebody working for a charity is about as low as it gets. Right again.

He had only left his station at the supermarket for a few minutes to collect some leaflets.

But it was long enough for thieves to steal his jacket containing his car keys.

They even stole his Thermos flask and the sandwiches he had brought for his lunch.

When it dawned on him that they had taken his car keys, Fred says he was ‘panic-stricken’. Would they steal his car too?

Luckily, he had parked a few streets away so it would have been difficult for them to find it.

But then he had to walk all the way home from Waterlooville to Purbrook in the rain because he didn’t have any money on him and couldn’t get into his locked car.

Fortunately, kind-hearted staff at Apollo Motor Group in Farlington got his car unlocked free of charge and went a long way to restoring Fred’s faith in human nature.

But those who stole from him deserve to answer for their actions.

The theft took place at Asda in the middle of the day on October 9, so surely somebody saw something.

If you can help, call Hampshire Constabulary on 0800 555111 and help bring them to justice.