Canny Cheryl has dropped us in a bid for global stardom

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Is there anything that Miss Cole cannot do? I think the answer you’re looking for is ‘nope’.

Cheryl only went and did it again this week – bagged the job of the century. Our ‘national sweetheart’ has dropped us like a hot potato and fled to capture the heart of another nation. She is one of the judges on the US version of X Factor, a job that will cement her global A-list status. I am one bitter puppy.

No, I’m kidding (sort of). But I am a tad gutted that she’s deserted us so soon.

She’s a canny lass is Miss Cole. When you think your popularity in the UK is diminishing, just go and conquer the biggest and most powerful country in the world.

Then come back an even bigger star and be welcomed with open arms! Not by me though – I don’t forget.