Caring Gary happy to make Jack’s dream come true

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As one of this country’s biggest music stars and a judge on The X Factor, Gary Barlow is a man in great demand.

He must get requests to be here, there and everywhere and no doubt has to be very careful about how he manages his time.

As well as his public profile, he is also a family man who surely loves spending precious time with his own children.

But when he heard that four-year-old Jack Robinson wanted to meet him, he dropped everything to make it to his bedside.

Young Jack, a pupil at Denmead Infant School, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour last month and is now in Southampton General Hospital.

Sadly, he has only been given a five per cent chance of survival and his family have been busy doing their utmost to make his dreams come true.

They never really expected Gary to come.

When messages were sent to him via Twitter, it was more in hope than expectation.

But yesterday a man known to millions spent about 45 minutes with Jack, his twin brother Liam, their three sisters Danielle, Christina and Natalie and parents Marie and Terence.

They chatted with Gary, had their picture taken with him and he signed Jack’s diary.

How refreshing to see such a big name prepared to put himself out and do something that put such a lovely big smile on Jack’s face.

His reaction when Gary walked in was a real picture.

This was the man he loves watching on The X Factor and whose song Let Me Go he is always singing and dancing along to, there in person right next to his bed.

Kind-hearted Gary has proved that not all people in showbusiness are self-obsessed.

As he says: ‘For me this is one of the best things you can do – spend time with people.

‘He’s such a great little boy and I have been looking forward to this visit all week.’

To Gary, we say a big thank you. And to Jack, we say we’re all thinking of you during your treatment and hope you are able to return home soon.