This is Carry On Brexit starring quarter-wit politicians – Verity Lush

I am absolutely sick of hearing about Brexit.  have made every effort to stay abreast of matters but to no avail. What is this mess? What is it??  It is farcical. An absolute embarrassment for the country, and goodness knows what other nations really think about us.

Friday, 18th January 2019, 3:18 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 5:55 pm
Effigies of Prime Minister Theresa May, former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, current Environment Secretary Michael Gove and former Brexit secretary David Davis, are driven past the Houses of Parliament, London

It seems as though we, the public, are simply at the hands of the quarter-wit politicians, more than ever.

I can’t bring myself to go so far as to call them half-wits because that’s practically complimentary in comparison to the reality of the situation.

I voted to remain but assumed the government would at least know what it was then going to do with the results. Instead, it is like Carry On Brexiting.

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A leading cast member at the conception of this lunacy was Boris Johnson, who said we should all vote to leave the EU but only so that we’d force them into giving us a better deal on our EU membership.

This is like the folk who came forth following the referendum saying they’d voted to leave but only because they never thought it would happen.

Frankly, I’m not sure that any of us really knew what the hell we were voting for. 

The most clued up amongst us, on a civilian level, whether leavers or remainers, probably had little idea of the minutiae and intricacies involved – we can’t have done, because it appears that no politicians did either.

One aspect on which I am hopeful we can all stand together and agree, is that the situation is utterly crackers.

A huge let down on all fronts, from beginning to what is now still not the end. Two years on.

And no progress made.

If we manage to leave with a deal of some kind, I do wonder what positive effects any of it will have on the country anyway. I suspect that, again, even the politicians involved have little in the way of realistic ideas. 

Will the NHS and the economy be looking shiny and new and fabulous five years from now?

Take a guess based on recent experience.

For the exhausted and broke, Robbie Williams isn’t an inspiration 

Robbie Williams has been in the news this week because he’s become some kind of Weight Watchers ambassador.

The point of WW is that you become aux fait with how to eat healthily, and in a balanced manner. It’s a way of re-educating yourself on your eating habits.

Somewhat beside the point therefore that multi-squillionaire, sunny Los Angeles-living Williams, has employed a top super chef to whizz up his meals for him.

Given that Williams most likely also has a top personal trainer, and a super bank balance, it must be pretty easy to stay fit and healthy.

The rest of us, skint, slumped in grey January and trying to cook for the family, have it a tad trickier.

Always happy to help readers get a good night’s shut-eye

I received a letter a few days ago from a reader, one M Cameron. Should you be reading this again Mr or Mrs C, then I can give you the answer to your query.  

I wrote about ear-plugs a couple of weeks ago and the fact that they are fabulous as a temporary measure if you’re experiencing disturbed sleep.

In answer to M Cameron, you can buy them from Boots or Superdrug (and probably most pharmacies and supermarkets), and they work very well indeed.

Broken sleep caused by external factors can be hellish but these little foam plugs are the bees’ knees.

Jolly good for shift workers or if you’re trying to catch some sleep in the day, or if you’re poorly.