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New commercial life is sprouting in Copnor Road

VERITY LUSH: Green shoots of recovery sprouting in northern Portsmouth

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Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has ruled out any possibility of them going into the studio and recording again because he said it would be a waste of everyone’s time. He added ‘It takes so long to make a recording, which is sort of devalued, as a lot of records have been. They’re downloaded for nothing, so you end up spending a year working on something that was just a giveaway.’ Glad to see he’s not driven by the money side of it then?!

Former New Order bassist Peter Hook has blasted his former bandmates for reuniting without him (insisting their upcoming charity get together is just a smoke screen for a lucrative U.S. tour) and is looking for ways to ruin the reunion.

The One Direction range of dolls is coming out next month. If your daughter buys them, I wonder how long it’ll be before they pull the Bratz dolls she also owns. I give it about a week.

Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Brendan Cole has denied having plastic surgery on his face. I tend to believe him. Because I look at his dance partner, Lulu, and I reckon she’s had enough on hers for at least the pair of them. If only her dancing was as tight as her face, they’d be odds on favourites to win!

Coldplay have teamed-up with celebrated photographer-turned-filmmaker Anton Corbijn to turn an upcoming Spanish concert into a global event.

Frontman Chris Martin quips: ‘Until we can come to a video as good as Single Ladies by Beyonce, we have to rely on just the meat and vegetables of playing songs live, and this is just a nice way of doing it for a few more people at once.’

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