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Good times - but alcohol consumption can be a factor in holiday insurance claims

Why a drink on holiday should not invalidate your insurance

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‘You look like a fairy elephant with two left feet. You’ve got no rhythm, no timing. And no musicality. Dancing is easy.’

During the 10 years when I taught salsa, ‘all of the above’ is what I could have said to dance pupils.

But I didn’t because dancing just does not come easily to many, many people.

In fact some people will never dance, either because they have no rhythm or they simply just don’t like dancing.

Now, I don’t like computers. We just don’t get on. Never have.

I know I’ve got to use them, but I’m sick to the back teeth of people saying to me ‘computers are easy’.

Over the years I’ve attended four different computer classes. And failed miserably. Back in 1986 my computer instructor, near breaking point after four lessons, returned my fee.

Remember folks, to many of us, computers are NOT easy.