Casino Cowell hoping his luck comes in once more

LUCK Simon Cowell's had rather a lot of it
LUCK Simon Cowell's had rather a lot of it
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Lady luck’s a funny old girl.

Why else would she continue to shine on Simon Cowell with blind-eyed benevolence?

You can still be a fan of his work – I’m talking The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent here, rather than Robson and Jerome or the Power Rangers – and acknowledge he’s certainly been a lucky old so-and-so.

Fresh from an appearance on this weekend’s Sunday Times rich list (surely a vanity boost that would feel more at home in the 1980s than now?), he’s basking in the glow that comes with launching a new TV project.

Game show Red or Black will be presented by Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly – who’ve also experienced more than their fair share of good luck since their Byker Grove days.

Now, I’ve got nothing against the lucky, and I’m rather partial to a game show.

But there’s been a long-held tradition when it comes to Britain’s TV quiz shows and it hinges on you being able to do something to earn your prize money.

You need to be brainy, know more about an obscure subject than anyone else, or have a particular talent. Your talent might be the ability to dance with a dog but you’ll still be judged on your ability.

That’s the rule. Ultimately, some skill must be involved, or what’s the point?

And yet Cowell is so convinced that everything he touches turns to gold, he’s decided he’ll base his entire game show on luck.

In Red or Black, winning £1m will come down to the spin of a roulette wheel and whether you’ve put your marker on the right colour.

Rather proudly, Ant and Dec boast there will be absolutely no skill or talent involved.

Ignoring for a moment the horrendous psychological fall-out that will be experienced by those who don’t find themselves lucky, it’s just gambling on primetime TV.

Let’s not forget, £1m is a massive amount of money.

Yet Cowell manages to treat it like loose change the rest of us would be willing to spend down at the casino when a bit of beer says a little flutter might work out in your favour.

Oh he’s lucky all right. But I can’t work out why.