Caught short in Victoria Park

Marvelling at the peacock stirred Heather's feminist soul
Marvelling at the peacock stirred Heather's feminist soul

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Okay, hands up folks. I’m really not into ‘green living’ and saving the planet.

I do recycle all my wrappings and paper goods and I try to leave Jemima Jalopy (my motor) at home at weekends.

But to be honest I’m not motivated by reducing my carbon footprint, more because it’s healthier to walk and I save a few bob on petrol.

However, I do respect the organisations trying to educate us into living a more environmentally-friendly life. And that’s why I toddled down to The Summer Fair in Victoria Park, Portsmouth on Saturday.

I very rarely visit our city park these days, and, as I wandered through it, fond memories flooded back from my childhood.

Fifty odd years ago my ‘treat’ was to go with my Roman Catholic fire and brimstone Scots gran to Victoria Park. I’d share my ice cream cone, from Verrechias of course, with the cockatoo.

Although totally in awe of the male peacock’s glorious display of magnificent tail feathers, I was quite indignant that he was so beautiful and the pea-hen so plain. Possibly the first stirrings of feminism in my soul, eh?

Anyway, back to The Summer Fair, and all the interesting stalls and activities for the whole family.

I thought the pedal-powered stage was brilliant. Members of the public sat on bicycles pedalling away to activate the generator that powered the stage equipment. Great fun.

After an hour I needed the loo – but all I could find were signs telling me about toilets in the Cascades and Guildhall Square.

Blimey, I thought, if I was a visitor to Portsmouth I wouldn’t be very impressed with a large central city park that had NO loos. That’s all I’m saying.

But I would have been extremely impressed with the Guildhall Square Tea Dance and music at Southsea bandstand that the council provided free last weekend.

Recently there’s been a lot of readers’ correspondence in The News comparing Portsmouth with Brighton.

Well, Pompey won hands down last weekend.