CBeebies ate my memory

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Earlier this year I treated myself to that very modern gadget known as an iPad. So now I can surf the web, keep up to date with my e-mails, store important documents and even watch TV on the go on its large screen.

But last week I ran into a problem when attempting to download a new app, there was no room for it.

I had run out of storage and after a bit of detective work it became obvious why.

Taking up a large chunk of space on my tablet were apps including the CBeebies’s Playtime app and the Disney Puzzle Pack app.

I can assure you these apps don’t belong to me but act as a boredom buster for my two daughters.

I don’t mind admitting they are really good and, more importantly, educational. So while they think they are playing they are actually learning.

Three-year-old Alyssa enjoys the memory recall game Pairs and she’s got very good at it, beating me every time.

Maybe I should download one of those brain-training games.

If only there was enough space.