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George Michael has rescheduled the string of tour dates he cancelled while battling pneumonia last year. The former Wham! star will return to Vienna to resume the tour in September and has donated 1,000 tickets to staff of the hospital where he was treated.

One Direction want Simon Cowell to treat them to a lavish meal to celebrate their US chart success. The boyband have become the first British group in history to top the US Billboard Charts in the first week of sales with their debut album. I have no axe to grind with One Direction and am pleased they have made a success of being in the States. Jazz musician Neil Cowley, however, does. He recently tweeted that it ‘feels like watching someone pre-book their plot at the landfill site!’

I have a bit of a bugbear regarding Greatest Hits albums. I saw a Greatest Hits album the other day by Sade, and it was called The Ultimate Collection, and it had all her biggest hits on it. But then I thought ‘Why is it called The Ultimate Collection?’ Logically, you should only call an album The Ultimate Collection if it contains every single song you ever made. Now if she’d called it The Ultimate Singles Collection then I could have understood it, but the album was a few years old and she’s still bringing out singles, so it’s not even The Ultimate Singles Collection anyway.

If Sade’s album only contains the hits that she brought out, then it’s not an Ultimate Collection, it’s an Incomplete Collection. Basically, what I am saying is unless the artist who brings out an album called The Ultimate Collection has retired for good, or maybe died, then they shouldn’t be allowed to call their Greatest Hits albums The Ultimate Collection.

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